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10 Powered Speaker Hire

10 inch powered speaker hire

10 inch powered speaker, Has Aux, Microphone inputs, as well as a USB SD card player, great for when space is tight, has a  nice clear sound and the sound throws a long way.
Battery Powered Speaker Hire

12 inch battery powered sound system hire

12 inch speaker with built in amplifier and microphone - battery powered speaker lasts around 2 - 3 hours with continous use. comes complete with wireless microphone and Aux input. Can also be run on either internal battery power or normal mains power.
Powered Speaker Hire

Bluetooth sound system hire with Aux

15 inch powered speaker hire - ideal for all types of work Their design allows them to be used as either front of house (main speakers) or fold back. They also have built in bluetooth, so you can connect to anything that has bluetooth. or there is also an Aux input to connect anything with a headphone or line output, they also have 2 microphones inputs built in.(add a microphone for $10) They have high quality great sound, are not harsh on the ears and work well stand alone or as a bigger system with a sub. These are designed to work for any type of application.
PRX 715 High powered Speaker


PRX 715 high powered speaker Hire

 - capable of very high levels of power. They sound awesome stand alone, or even better with our 18 inch subs. You can have multiple units for bigger sound. We have a total of 18 units in hire.

Our PRX 715s are passive, so they will require an amplifier, however we have plenty of quality amplifiers in our hire department which cost $20.00 with a pair of PRX 715.

We have them set up this way as it allows greater flexibility when setting up bigger PA systems. It is very easy to set up and we will show you how when you pick them up or when we deliver.
Mini Linearray System Hire


Mini Line Array sound system hire

Very compact but powerful mini Line Array system. Perfect for people who want the sound of a processed system, without the size. Very easy set up and transport, with all amplifiers and processors built in.

This is a processed bi amped sound system, also known as 2.1 sound system, it uses 2 seperate amplifiers for the top end sound and the bottom end bass. The sound is electronically seperated by a built in crossover sending only highs to the top and lows to the bottom, this is typical of large concert style sound systems where you get the clear clean top end sound as well as the nice low punchy bass, all in 1 compact design. We pre set it prior to hire, however if your more experienced operator you can set it yourself at the venue for maximum performance.

All of our Sound System hire is available as D.I.Y, or We can supply an operator to set up and run your event if required.
18 powered Sub woofer Hire

18 inch high powered sub woofer Hire

18 inch high powered sub woofer, has inbuilt amplifier 1000 watts and also inbuilt processing. They can be used with or without built in processor, as there are 2 outputs for your top sepakers - one is straight through, and the other is processed. These subs are set for very low rumble and really add another dimension to any sound system. Feel the music with these high powered subs.
CLub Event Concert Sound system hire


Large Sound System Hire

This hire sound system puts out a whopping 4000 watts RMS. This system is very loud and sounds awesome - ideal for DJs who want club style sound, bands, performances, festivals - anywhere loud clean clear audio is required. With deep lows and crisp highs this system will have any larger event or club pumping. If you have a larger event, you can use as many pairs as you need. A large dance party with 700 to 1000 people would easily be done by 2 or 3 pairs. (or we have a complete production service where we can come and set it all up and operate, if required). We have Martin Wavefront, EV DeltaMax and EV X-array systems in house, as well as 100 volt line.

Call us - no job too big or too small.
Concert Sound System Hire

Concert, Festival, Nightclub or Venue Sound System Hire

We carry a full range of sound, lighting, staging, drapes, video, lasers for any type of event - product launches, bands, clubs, festivals or dance parties.

Any where you need sound and lighting - no job too big or too small.
Call us for the most competitive prices in NSW. 
Yamaha 16 Channel PA mixer


PA / Band Mixer Hire

We carry a full range of mixers, Yamaha and Allen and Heath. 12/16/24/32 channels are available with our sound system and speaker hire

We also carry a range of small compact mixers from 2 channels to 8 channels.

if your not sure what you need call us and our experts can help you with a no obligation FREE quote.
2/ 4/ 8 Channel $20.00
16 Channel $40.00
24 Channel $60.00
32 Channel $75.00
DJ or Band or Festival sound system


Large DJ, Band, Concert, Festival, Fashion Parade Sound System Hire.

We can supply sound for any type of function no job too big or too small, we have supplied sound to DJ's, Performers, Bands, Festivals, Football Fields, Sporting Events, any where high quality sound system.

Our Larger concert systems are Martin Wavefront, Ev Exarray, EV Deltamax system, or the PRX systems as pictured. call us for the best price on large sound systems

We have supplied sound for Naughty By Nature, Brian Mc Fadden, Vanessa Amourosi, Jessica Mauboy, DJ MOTO, DJ Nick Skitz, just to name a few
100 or 75 volt line PA


100 Volt or 75 Volt line sound system hire

ideally suited where large areas need to be covered by a public address system.

Call us for an obligtion free quote, we have 34 years experience in Sound, Lighting, and Events, We can advise you on what sound you will need to cover your event. All at best prices - Garaunteed!

Not only will we outperform any other competitor, we will also beat any other genuine quote by 10%
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STAGES - We hire all size stages to all area's !!

We have a complete AV hire Department with everything you could possibly need. all at the most competitive prices

We have larger sound systems, Concert systems, 100 volt line systems, Sound for up to 5000 people.

We also have a full range of Stages, Trussing, Drapes, Lighting, Video, Lasers,

For hires that are pick up or delivered we offer FREE DAY BEFORE AND FREE DAY AFTER - So you do not have to rush on the day of your event. 

We offer either DIY you pick up or delivery, or if you prefer we can do the whole job for you including set up / operate / pack up

Our Business operates on a low cost business model, this is how we are able to offer such competitive prices.

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